Cash Strapped Liverpool Visit Mega Millions Manchester City…..

You! Get me an espresso...

When a team can tell a player like Robinho to just leave, you know they’ve got some cash. I guess that’s what it’s like to be at Manchester City these days. I think back to when they first got bought out and I was actually kind of happy for them. They had money to spend and would finally get out of that tacky red glare from across town. Two years later, they’ve taken Chelsea style spending and blown even their London rivals out. Roy might not be jealous of their spending power but I think he’s telling porkies. If you can piss away £120mil in one summer buying yet another squad full of players at least one envious eye is going to be cast your way…

We go to the City of Manchester Stadium tomorrow with one less creative player and our workhorse possibly joining him on the continent. With this season still wet behind the ears, it’s these matches that could define where we end up come May. It’s the matches against Shitty City, Spurs, Villa and Everton that will really make an impact ((Forget Arsenal, Man United and Chelsea for a minute…)). A draw against Arsenal is an acceptable result no matter where you are but a win tomorrow is vital.

Proud to be a Scouser.

Even if we do win, I can’t see it being that exciting. At least not through the center of the park anyways. Mancini might have a wealth of attacking players at his disposal but he makes even cautious Roy ((Even Rafa couldn’t justify that.)) look like he’s throwing everyone forward by playing an astounding 3 holding midfielders. Toure, De Jong and Barry all in the starting line up? I thought we were lacking in creativity.

We’ve farmed Aquilani out to Juve and Joe Cole is starting his first match of a 3 match ban ((Good job, seriously.)).  Does this mean that we’re going to push Gerrard forward? If so, will it be Lucas ((Or Macherano?)) and Poulsen in the middle? If we’re going to win this battle, it’s going to have to be on the wings and up top. David Silva is taking some time to adjust to the English game while Jovanovic is off to a flier. Roberto Mancini might think new signing Mario Balotelli could be as good as Fernando Torres but the operative word there is “could”. A fully fit Torres is going to outshine ((Vastly.)) that newbie anyday of the week. If he makes the starting 11, Monday will be that day.

3 points will be the only acceptable outcome ((Ask me at kickoff how confident I am.)). We have the squad to do it and this is perfect opportunity to catch City with their pants down ((George Micheals style!)). £120mil is a fuck of a lot of money but if it doesn’t put wins on the board, it’s a waste of the highest order. Our pay day might have just walked out the door but I’ve got a feeling Mancini is going to be counting his pennies on Tuesday morning.


Steven McMillan

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