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This is Eindhoven? – Paisley Gates

This is Eindhoven?



Time for us to top our Champions League group. Level on points with Atletico Madrid, who has consistently out scored us, we need a win and some goals in order to stay at the peak. I thought doing this is against a severely disjointed PSV side shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Then I read the news…

Robbie Keane and Lucas are looking like starting. Dirk has been “rested” and didn’t even travel to his homeland. Torres, is obviously still injured. Where are the goals going to come from? A Daniel Agger cracker maybe? Could Yossi actually score in back to back games? Has Ryan Babel put down the bong and got himself focused? Does Stevie have to do it all himself? In the good news category, Ibrahim Afellay and Jan Kromkamp are both out for PSV. They have a icicles chance in hell of qualifying but I doubt their just going to roll over like sick little puppies. I’m sure they’re going to run at us and make a match out of it.

Earlier on in the day instead of speaking about important things, like the match, Rafa spoke of his contract negotiations and hit back at speculation that he’s stalling for a big fat pay raise. Now, I wouldn’t blame Rafa for asking for a couple more Hamiltons but I think it’s pretty obvious at this point that he loves this club like McAdms loves Gosselin. In the same press conference, he rubbished reports that Robbie Keane was out the door in January. The “media” has yet to realize that Rafa gives his strikers lot’s of time to settle into the team. Remember that other Fernando? He sucked large and still got a huge run of games. Must of been a slow day around the water cooler.

In other news, I found some new Diesel trainers for $50. Diesels for $50? If you have any sense of style, you should hit these up sharpish.


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  • Dude, are they back together? I love The Notebook. And what! No Affelay…again! 🙁

  • I’m pretty sure they’re ghost like Swayze ..

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