Just Another Derby Day….

February 7, 2010 · by Steven McMillan · Premier League

DirkEverton.jpgA win over Everton and everything else comes up Liverpool. Villa – Tottenham draw and Man Citeh lose to the Tigers. Up into the top four and everything is sunny on Merseyside…

No need to spend a lot of time recapping the “football”. Dangerous tackles, lots of profanity1 and plenty of heart from both sides. 2 red cards and a sunny palette of yellows to balance the piece out. A Derby the way it should be played. Those jacks from London have one every other week and it kind of takes away the sense of urgency, doesn’t it?

Bragging rights in the Big Smoke can be won and lost week in and week out. Not on Merseyside, where you need someone like Dirk Kuyt to give you the right to rule the streets. 2 derbies and 3 goals. What a fuckin’ legend. If you kick Cesc Fabregas in the face he’d still be rolling around on the pitch today. Not Dirk. He knows he’s ugly so he just jumps right back up and puts the ball in the net. The Bitters run has ended but it things aren’t all that bad. At least they still have Yakubu, right?2

No talk of turning corners or sunrises until after Arsenal on Wednesday. By the time we kick off, I’ll be landing in Communist Cuba3 for a little rest and relaxation.4 Without the Greek, who got Red Carded for sliding a bit too hard into Mr. Kotter, I assume we’ll see Skertel and Agger in the center and Carragher on the right. The aforementioned Scouser thinks the feel good factor can carry us through and after the Gooners got spanked today, we could do some real damage. We need some offence Rafa. Aquilani in the center with the Monster Mach. Do it for me Rafa.

See you on the 19th kids….


  1. Mostly on my part! []
  2. My Lord he’s fat. Did he eat Mark Viduka? []
  3. So obviously no updates from me for a bit. []
  4. Read: Drinking my face off. []
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