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Steven McMillan

Can’t find up from down or black from white but doesn’t care cause it’s all Red to him. When not pissing and moaning about all things Liverpool, he’s comisterating with his multiple personalities — or his “entourage” as he likes to call them.



Red through and through, a football oasis in the egg-chasing wasteland commonly referred to as Australia. Unlikely to answer questions about koalas or kangaroos – that’s what Wikipedia is for, fools. Bringing you videos you’ve either already seen, or were too lazy to search for.



A match-going Kopite from NW England. Eats, drinks, and sleeps LFC and love going to the match with my son. Watching Liverpool lifting trophies is one of the best feelings in the world!



Ailsa M. Blair

Ailsa is a lifelong Liverpool fan who grew up on Merseyside, attending matches regularly, until she moved to Toronto in August 2011. She enjoys long walks to Anfield, cuddling in front of Match of the Day, and romantic meals in the Kop (preferably the good ol’ Anfield burger).


The News Desk

A formally quirky feature has now become self-aware. Anything but conventional, sardonic smatterings of mainstream news is mixed with a needed dose of humor and realism. If you look hard enough, you’ll find posts mainly during arduous International Breaks and while that pesky transfer window is open.

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