Unnamed Civil Servant Fired Over Hillsborough Defamation

Walk on, walk on…

As the Hillsborough Inquests continue to uncover more and more shocking evidence surrounding what really happened, there’s some good news coming out of Merseyside today with the man who made derogatory changes to the Wikipedia articles relating to the disaster identified and dismissed from their job as a civil servant.

The changes, which were made from government computers while he worked as a administrative officer, defamed both the club and the 96 Liverpool supporters that lost their lives during the FA Cup semi-final between the Reds and Nottingham Forest on April 15th, 1989. An inquiry was launched after the changes, which the Cabinet Office described as “sickening”, were made in 2012 with The man, who is not being named at the request of the Hillsborough support groups, sacked for gross misconduct.

It’s believed that along with the Hillsborough defamation, the same employee also made sexist edits to the Wikipedia page of Sky Sports News presenter Natalie Sawyer who he had discussed on social media on a number of occasions. Prior to the findings of the investigation, he was placed on a “special leave” while colleagues were questioned and the evidence, including a full probe of his work station, was conducted.

“There has been a rigorous and forensic investigation into this and an individual has been dismissed for gross misconduct” said a source close to the Cabinet Office. “The person has been dismissed on the grounds that they were responsible for the 2012 edits. They are a very junior and young administrative officer. This dismissal is for the 2012 edits only but in the absence of other leads relating to other edits the investigation has concluded.”

It’s nice to see the government get something right for once, isn’t it?

  • David Cannon

    I am glad they weeded out the bastard who said vile things about Hillsborough and our beautiful club, and I admire how much dignity and class they have shown in choosing not to name and shame the horrid rat.


  • Far more class than he deserved.