Post Match Interview: Even An Honest Assessment Doesn’t Say Enough

Earning themselves their first win at Anfield since the early sixties, West Ham United exposed a Liverpool side all too willing to pat themselves on the back for racking up three clean sheets on the hop. Poor all over the field, but especially abysmal at the back, there’ll be questions to answer from everyone involved with boss Brendan Rodgers showing his frank displeasure with the performance during his post-match interview.

“We were disappointing today,” was the Northern Irishman’s honest assesment of what he saw at Anfield yesterday. “We arrived into the game with confidence high but when you give away a goal so early in the game, it gave West Ham the boost and the lift that they needed, because they have shown in their two games away from home now that they can sit in and defend in a low block well,” he continued. “We obviously then conceded a second goal, which was difficult to take. All of a sudden we were right up against it. Coutinho getting sent off, which I thought was extremely harsh, set us back. From that first period in the game, we never really got going.”

Video courtesy of Fooball TV

That, of course, hardly tells the tale with Liverpool nowhere near a level bordering acceptable even with the Brazilian on the pitch. Mustering only a single shot on target from a measly 13-attempts, the Reds were restricted to long-range efforts and half chances throughout, often caught launching speculative balls up the pitch to a double-teamed Christian Benteke as they tried to muster an attacking rhythm. Suffice it to say, they failed miserably.

“It was the overall performance. I felt we disappointed right from the off, really. Once we conceded that early goal, we just couldn’t get back into the game again. Our overall performance with and without the ball will be much better in the future,” explained the Reds boss. “Up until today, the morale and confidence has been really high and we’ve been developing and improving. We know today a lot of it was self-inflicted in relation to the result. We gave poor goals away and that was the biggest disappointment,” conceded Rodgers. I’m lucky that I work with a very honest group who work very hard on the training field. There’s a lot of analysis behind that as well and we’ll now get ready for the next game. At this level, you have to be able to bounce back – and that’ll be the job in the next game.”

  • Royk

    The performance was a carry forward from the majority of our performances since the start of the season. Fact, we got 7 points from our first 3 matches, which included away trips to Stoke and Arsenal. A brilliant strike from Coutinho not withstanding, it was a poor team performance at Stoke. Granted, we were pretty decent offensively at the Emirates. But only an eternal optimist would have found something positive in the defending. We are still nervy as soon as the ball reaches our final third.

    While Gomez is decent defensively, he’s not a rock, nor should he be expected to be at this stage of his career. And playing in a LB position while his preferred foot is the opposite one is mystifying. If he had a tendency to get forward and cut in to cross or shoot, it may have been a different matter. Right now, he doesn’t have that confidence or the ability. Needless to say, his crossing from the wide areas with the weaker left foot is pretty ineffective. N this in a team where you have a big man upfront. Am not saying that crossing over to him should be the default option, but it has to be one of the outlets to keep the opposition guessing. And while the RB position seems pretty well sorted out, both offensively and defensively, I really don’t think Gomez is a feasible option at LB. N this is not a reaction to yesterday’s match.
    There’s a reason Skrtel and Lovren aren’t wooed by big clubs. One is a bundle of nerves, the other rash in his tackles. Together they provide a good laugh, to the neutrals and opposing fans, that is. I admire the philosophy of trying to play it out from the back, BUT, BUT, when you are in the box or very near to it, always lump the ball somewhere and then worry! Pity, Lovren was too busy trying to decide who to pass to to remember defending 101.
    And finally, you can spend hundreds of millions of pounds buying strikers and attacking midfielders but if they don’t get in or near the opposition box then you aren’t going to be a threat to the opposition goal. The sight of multiple players coming in from different positions and crossing your box in an instant is enough to unnerve most players. The mentality changes, even shots which shouldn’t put the opposition goalkeeper under pressure does so! And that mentality has got less to do with buying of players and more with the philosophy and ethos instilled by the manager. Added to that, BR making inane statements like we played well (just cos we got 3 points) only helps in adding to the chorus against him.

    Based on the performance so far, I fear it’s going to be another long season ahead. Here’s to hoping that it turns around soon

  • All of those are good points — what I think we’ve really been missing is a player that can make penetrating runs and provide another outlet going forward. Both Firmino and Benteke have tried to do that with limited success, but you barely saw it at all yesterday if you saw it once. West Ham were happy to sit back and soak up pressure from the off and after they got the first goal it was always going to be hard to break them down. To be fair we never looked like doing that.

    Sturridge will provide that when he’s back, but I don’t think we can wait until then to turn things around.

  • Ray

    Will bodgers ever run out of hot air and bluster you’ve been found out by the rest of the premier league and will be gone by Xmas if not sooner and to think that King Kenny was sacked so that this muppet could take over it beggars beleaf.

  • Royk

    I think we just need someone who can instil a wolf pack mentality, attack in packs. Am not disagreeing with your point about needing another player who will make those penetrating runs, but in the face of an opposition willing to sit deep and team mates unwilling to crowd the box, even those runs in this current team tactics will be ineffective. Let’s really hope I am wrong!