Post Match Interview: These Problems Won’t Just Go Away on Their Own

Liverpool had the perfect opportunity to put right the disappointing loss to West Ham United just over a fortnight ago with a trip to Old Trafford and a meeting with a Manchester United side that looked just as out of sorts as the Reds, but a startaling lack of composure on the ball and a dearth of creativity in the rare moments they did have it made the trip up the M62 a disappointing one.

“Overall, we had plenty of effort and commitment but we needed to be better with the ball,” explained Reds boss Brendan Rodgers in his post-match interview. “I just felt we needed to be much better in terms of showing for the ball and wanting the ball. For me, it’s too late when you go 1-0 behind. I like players who take the initiative in the game, be proactive in the game, and second half we were a bit better at that,” he continued. “You need to [be better] technically and you have to be superior with the ball in order to build your attack, said the Northern Irishman before adding, “That’s something I need to go away with the coaches and staff and have a look at and how we can find ways in which to be much more creative.”

Video courtesy of MrBeanyman

For a team supposedly built with ball retention and attacking football in mind, Liverpool looked a shell of the kind of side Rodgers likes to think they are; for all the character and heart and swagger he’s famous for spouting off about, the Reds never looked like the idealized version of the team he’s so eager to describe. Though there are a number of important players set to return from injury over the coming weeks, one has to wonder that even though he recognizes that there’s are problems, whether or not he’s able to fix them. Empirical evidence just doesn’t support that — even if he insists otherwise.

“This is the biggest game in this country and maybe in the world in terms of a derby game. I’ve been in here and sat down when we won 3-0 and felt great and when you lose 3-1 you don’t feel so good,” he said, over simplifying things a bit too much. “It’s difficult for the supporters and everyone connected to the club; when you win it, it’s a different feeling. We’ve just got to go away and work even harder at being better, and that’ll be the case,” explained the Reds boss. “The players are bitterly disappointed because they know we can play better than that and over the course of the season I’m sure they will but as you can see there’s still a lot of hard work ahead for us. The players are still learning and adapting to how we work.”

  • David Cassar

    B.R is ruining Liverpool,the sooner he goes the better.

  • Auto in Tex

    “Though there are a number of important players set to return from injury over the coming weeks”

    he plays Firmino and Ings as flippin wingers…and continued to play poor Gomez as a LB. He has no tactical nous and he should be dragged out of Melwood. He cannot make moves that affect the outcome of a game positively. He must be the worst coach in the PL in the cases of positive substitutions that change the ebb of a match.

  • Lysias Sibanda

    This manager is truly out of his depth. The owners should have listened to the fans who wanted hin fired at the en of last season . Further procrastination will cause more damage to the club . He has been allowed to buy players but he has failed to nurture them . At the end players are just dumped . Ballotelli, Borini, Illorietc .the list is endless . Some players who have been allowed to go like for example Jonjo Shelvey , are thriving under new management . Owners please save us from Rodgers . Sack him.

  • dean jones

    F U C K O F F rodgers your time is up…

  • SteveM

    Hope FSG with this loss have finally come to realize the harsh reality of running a club in England and not just another business venture. Brendon Rodgers is not the great ‘Technical Manager’ that they espoused when hiring him, far from it, more a ‘wannabe’ Shankly / Paisley.

    I’m afraid Brendon started to believe in his own and media hype and just got carried away after riding on the ‘Suarez’ coattails in his second season in charge. How else would you explain abandoning your right hand men to ensure your own survival. Talk about throwing someone under the bus, just wreaks of incredulity.

    Evident, not just from the ‘mediocre at best’ results but the lack of team chemistry, drive, ethos. These don’t just vanish over night, there is a reason for this is Brendon Rodgers. FSG take note, lest your business runs into irrevocable losses.

  • Candothecancan

    staggeringly aggressive reviews from short term thinkers. I bet you schmucks were posting how great it was against Arsenal a couple of weeks back. Yes, literally a couple of weeks ago! Who do you want, Mourinho? Oh, yeah he’s struggling as well. Wake up and realise that the EPL standard is very high now and any team can beat another on any day. Once the team settles and our key players return it will be roses again. chill bro’s.

  • If we were five matches into last season I’d be prone to agree with you — unfortunately we’re not. Having the likes of Daniel Sturridge, Jordan Henderson and Philippe Coutinho back and available will improve things, but only if we quickly shift out of this rigid quagmire of a formation that Rodgers is dead set on employing regardless of the fact that the players continue to not respond to it at all.

    I’m all for persistence — you can’t just switch things up and expect it to be roses from day one, but this lone striker, wing-backs bullshit has been found out time and again. That misattributed Albert Einstein quote is for fucking no marks, but Rodgers is making their case.

  • That line-up was perfectly suited to playing a diamond; shift the formation and the tactics and it makes sense. I understand actively scouting and bringing in players that can be versatile, but employing those two on the wings in a system set up to defend stretches the bounds of the imagination. There are limits to what even an extremely talented footballer can do.

    Neither Danny Ings or Roberto Firmino should spend the majority of any match tracking back. That’s just not on. He could have played Alberto Moreno where Ings was and Jordon Ibe where Firmino was — bang! Instant improvement from players who know and can play in those roles.

    I’m not a football manager or even an amateur tactician, but that’s Day One kind of shit.