VIDEO: Jurgen Klopp Faces the Press for the First Time as Reds Boss

In a press room seeming packed to the rafters, new Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp faced the media for the first time since being appointed Reds boss earlier in the week and it was nothing short of a resounding success. Touching on a number of aspects of the task ahead of him, the the German manager provided the kind of sound bites and quotes that he’s become famous for, but he also made it abundantly clear that he won’t be living off of past glories — something that the Anfield outfit have done for too long.

“Twenty-five years is a long time [without winning the league]. All the people have tried to get better and take the title. History is the base for us. It’s not allowed to take the history in the backpack,” he explained, stressing that his reign will be rooted firmly in the future. “You have to come in our race. I want to see the first step next week but not always compare with other times. This is a great club with great potential. We have strong, fast players with flair. Let’s start a new way,” continued the German manager, with every eye in the room fixed on him. “This is the perfect moment. I don’t know everything but I am a good listener. I will go to Melwood and see what works and what doesn’t.”

LFC – Jürgen Klopp: First Live Press Conference by FiftyBuckss

While the narrative of the final days of Liverpool under Brendan Rodgers was one of disaster and despair, Klopp quickly brushed away that notion, reaffirming that though it’ll take time to implement his philosophy and style of play, he already has the tools and the players at his disposal to do it.

“It’s surreal. I woke up this morning and I was manager of Liverpool FC. I don’t care about things like press. I’m a normal football manager and I want to be on the pitch,” enthused Klopp, although effortlessly comfortable in front of the microphones and cameras, making it known there are places he’d much rather be. “That’s similar all over the world. I am prepared for this because of my experiences. It’s absolutely crazy what happened here,” he added. “It’s not important what people said when you come in, but what they say when you leave. If we want this could be a special day. We can start in a very difficult league and in a special Liverpool way we can be successful. If we sit here in four years I think we win a title, I’m pretty sure. If not, maybe Switzerland!”