Pre-Match Interview: Klopp and Can Address the Press Ahead of Augsburg Showdown

As Liverpool gear up for the first leg of their Europa League Round of 32 clash with Bundesliga club FC Augsburg, Reds boss Jurgen Klopp and German midfielder Emre Can took some time out to sit down with the press and discuss their chances against the Bavarian side.

“A lot depends on their selection but they’re a really good German team, compact, very physical,” said the Klopp when asked about their hosts. “They’re good, they know what they’re doing, and they try to do it really well in the Europa League,” continued the German boss, remaining cautious. “It’s not as if every single game we play we do so well and get the good results. Yes, in the Bundesliga, some results weren’t so good, but everyone wants to get as far as they can in the Europa League and that’s the aim of both teams.”

Video courtesy of The Reds

While Liverpool are coming off a 6-0 demolition of Aston Villa at the weekend, Augsburg had a very different proposition at hand and stumbled against table toppers Bayern Munich. Despite the differing results, Can isn’t about to take victory against the Fuggerstädter as a given.

“I told [my teammates] they’re a really good team, they are very strong and play together as a team. So it will be a real challenge tomorrow,” said the German international, echoing the sentiments of his manager. “We know they’ve got a very good, strong team, so we’re prepared for them,” he continued before revealing he has history with the Bavarian club. “I’ve got very good memories – I’ve played against them twice and we won both games, and I scored.”