Pre-Match Interview: Klopp Wants Supporters Doing Their Part

After a big result in the Europa League against Borussia Dortmund on Thursday night, Liverpool are straight back to action on Sunday when Stoke City visit Anfield. There may be tired legs and tired minds on display, but Reds boss Jurgen Klopp knows that the supporters can play a big part in both the energy levels of the players as well as the outcome.

“For sure, in a situation like this, you need the crowd 100 per cent,” said the German in his pre-match presser at Melwood on Saturday. “I don’t know how many games Stoke have had less than we have, a big number I would say. Over the whole of the season, I think it’s 15 games or something like this,” mused Klopp. “We have to ignore it but usually you cannot ignore it, you have to know about it. For us it will be a big fight, for sure. For this fight, we need each voice at Anfield,” he continued. “Hopefully we can create a big atmosphere because it will be really, really necessary.”

Video courtesy of The Reds

With the Bundesliga giants set to visit Merseyside on Thursday for the definitive leg of their semi-final showdown, there have been suggestions that Liverpool could shift their focus away from the Premier League in an attempt to secure Champions League qualification for next season by way of winning the Europa League. That, of course, is still a long way off, but Klopp isn’t about to starting elaborating on what his plans are.

“We have no time for resting, that’s the situation. Of course, we have to think about a few changes, that’s how it is. We have to see. We have training at 5pm and then we have to see. We have to make decisions,” he said when asked about the squad and how he’ll cope with the upcoming matches. “How could we make a real session today? It’s not possible. It’s more about talking, giving information, not on the pitch, in the meetings. There are still two to go,” explained the Reds manager. “We have a few opportunities to change. It’s not about resting one or the other player, it’s about having best line-up for Stoke.”

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