Liverpool Mark the 29th Anniversary of the Hillsborough Stadium Disaster

At the request of the majority of the families, a minute’s applause preceded Liverpool’s win over AFC Bournemouth yesterday as the club marked the 29th Anniversary of the Hillsborough Stadium Disaster. A beautiful mosaic spelling out YNWA with the number 96 between the letters was displayed on the Kop — another sign that the club and the fans will never forget.

It’s been almost 30-years since 96 children, women and men lost their lives at the FA Cup semi-final game with Nottingham Forest at the Hillsborough football stadium in Sheffield, England — an event that would change the course of English football history and start a decade long fight for justice.

Video courtesy of andypandiwizz

After years of lies, cover-ups and failings from the very bottom to the very top, in 2016 an inquest ruled that those who died as a result of the disaster were unlawfully killed with six men connected to the disaster charged and Manslaughter by gross negligence charges brought against the match commander on the day David Duckenfield.

At 3:06pm in the city approaches, it will grind to a halt. This is the time that the game was eventually abandoned as chaos unfolded on the pitch as a result of the crush in the Leppings Lane end of the ground. The Liverpool club shop will be closed from 1pm, the players will observe a moment of silence, traffic through the Mersey Tunnel will stop, ferries will blow their horns, a simple service will be held at Liverpool’s Metropolitan Cathedral and the bells at City Hall will chime 96 times in remembrance of those who went to Hillsborough 29-years ago and never made it home.

“It is always an emotional day, and it will be incredibly poignant as the streets fall silent and the bells toll 96 times,” said Cllr Malcolm Kennedy. “As Lord Mayor of Liverpool I’m proud of this city and how it comes together to mark this sad occasion.”

We always remember. We never forget.