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  • CSD


  • justin

    lovely stuff, enjoyable!

  • Reds_XI

    i dun tink he needs to be told to ‘show us the $$’….
    he’s alr spent tonnes of it & while a few of our new recruits haven’t yet hit the ground running, he shld be the 1 saying: SHOW ME THE RESULTS!!!

  • Emmato96

    come on! get dem all

  • Kopkid31

    by my reckoning they ve only spent 37 mill so far and they ve made it back and more from standard 20 mill a season and adidas /warrior sports …SO SHOW US THE MONEY.

  • Grubb

    Hey man, the first rule of The Comolli Files is: Don’t take it too seriously.

    I’m sure they’ll do whatever the hell they were going to do, irrespective of our silly little comic. I doubt JWH would read this and do anything but smile.

    So enjoy.

    Oh, and I agree slightly about underperformance – but I don’t think you measure it after 6 months (Downing) or at the age of 22/23 (Carroll). We’ll be better placed to judge – and act – when they’ve been given every chance to bed in.

  • Annonymous