Jermain Defoe and Silly Speculation

Don't molest the new guy.
It’s still Monday morning on the other side of the pond, and if you couple the dour display we saw on Saturday against Stoke City and the close of the transfer window, you have some more silly rumors to sift through. Jermain Defoe is the latest striker to be linked to us with the media speculating, as they’re paid to do, that the diminutive England hitman would be the cure for what ails the Liverpool attack. Regardless of Luis Suarez taking a FA imposed rest on the sidelines, the Reds have been horrendous in front of goal as the goalless display at Anfield over the weekend will attest. Although Dalglish has done his best to dampen our hopes of new recruits coming in during January, his buy British policy and the potential availability of Defoe could turn the Scotsman into a believer. Now, if he could convince the rest of us that lil’ Jermain is the way forward, we’d certainly be impressed.