• SuaRed

    Who said???

  • DaveO

    And that’s how you get your hits!  Geeting as bad as kop-talk.

  • SuaRed

    ah I guess I’m the first April fool!!!!

  • Dodge

    Oh lighten up people.. It’s a good joke, obvious april fools but funny

  • Jmizzi36

    Its April fool 

  • Stormontherig

    love it, and congradulations, can we sign more players. id of thought £35 million for carrol would of been a better april fools joke, oh hold on WE DID.

  • Faz453

    eden hazard is a good player

  • Faz453

    yeh then

  • Faz453

    yeh but eden hazard is not the player you stupid liverpoos need



  • Baza5x

    like hazard would come to a club in the eurhopless league 

  • Unordinarily

    Haha – sneaky scousers : )

  • Azeem Ed

    Eden Hazard
    April fools

  • Talibjambul

    why do i read this?? :@

  • Grubb

    Hey, that’s personal! This was an April Fools. Lighten up.

  • Gnaks

    When do we sack the fool dalglish?????

    8 points in the last 12 EPL games, now that`s progress!!!!!!!

  • ravi

    sack dalglish, carroll out of first team

  • Mxukbarbsy

    clearly not a fool after all his success the first time round. quite a rediculous comment

  • Randhir Seebalak

    Dalglish must be sacked. Lets bring Mourinho……why persist on playing player like Caroll and keep one like Kuyt on the bench?? 

  • CSD

    Love how some of you are hijacking our joke post to bitch about the club.

    /end sarcasm

  • Lawand88

    I wish he get sack look they lose with Newcastle and wigen ..I can’t Handel anymore pain keep loseing this kind of game t..that’s it it’s really to far .. I wish rafa back to manger Liverpool again

  • Fuwee

    Get rid of the trio…. Dalglish. Henderson the passenger 1st then Carroll .!!!

  • Vijayanand Mungur

    well said Randhir !  Dalgish is doing a ‘kichri ‘ in  the midfield. Instead of keeping his winning team, he is rotating the midfield week after week.

  • sando09

    all you negative fans call yourselves liverpool fans bet half of the one’s that slag kk off dont even go the match let me tell you all somethin dalglish the great man he is went to 96 funerals ‘ then the press said he left a sinking ship when he left . liverpool went about it the wrong way and should av said too kenny take twelve months out and sort ye head out because when he went too blackburn ‘ as a liverpool fan myself i was gutted but always new deep down that the great man would come back too the club he loves an adores like every liverpool fan before , he will get it right but he needs time so get off his back and let him do the job he came back too do kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • ste57

    Yes I agree, give kk another £120m and see if he can waste that too. I agree he is loyal, but loyalty does not mean he is the right man. I think you and other red followers need to take a reality pill 

  • that’s how we’re making our millions off all our ads!

  • Rassell077

    wake up n stop living in the past time stops for no man, and even if that happens to be kk.

  • Andrew

    Its not 1984 anymore, he’s clearly struggling. It’s not the first time hes dropped the ball. In one summer he managed to get Newcastle from 2nd to 14th

  • How-The -Mighty -have- fallen!

    Now thats BLIND LOYALTY  Mr Dickhead! When will you admit that he has failed? When we get relegated? For your own info Liverpool is a global brand with fans from all over the world , some who cannot afford to go to matches because of physical impossibility. However, that does not make them second rate liverpool fans. They have a right to their own opinions too. Please get wise

  • Stream

    When Liverpool play with a fuck up team, they are even more fuck up then fuck up

  • Kieran-lfc-ynwa-ikwt

    true red, who the f**k do these people who sl*g of dalglish and the team  think they are because to me they are obviosly fu**ing clueless 

  • Kazeem bello

    dalglish should go

  • Ianc34

     Now that is just if the most ridiculous comment i’ve ever heard. Dalglish won the league with the team he soddin inherited you plonker. He didn’t build the team the team was already there.