Lebron’s Liverpool Sneaker is a Complete Joke

At first, I did not take much notice of Lebron James’ new sneaker. It is called Lebron 9 Low ‘Liverpool Edition’. The initial pics I saw were of a shoe that was primarily red with white and teal accents. I thought, “OK, I suppose they’re using the coloring of the badge.” After reading a tweet from Grubb to NESN, I did more investigating and was appalled at what I found.

The shoe boasts small trophies on the underside, to symbolize 18 league titles. Americans do not pay much attention to soles and look at it as just another part of the shoe. In some cultures, however, the bottom of the shoe is a very disrespectful thing to even show to another person. I’m American and even I think it’s not too classy to be walking on top of the club’s title history. I’m not quite sure why they stopped at the league titles when there are 5 European cups, 7 FA cups, 8 League cups, and 3 UEFA cups that we are also proud of. 

The real kicker is the emblem on the back that I can only describe as ‘that thing’. According to what I have read, this is the Liver Bird, the logo of Liverpool Football Club. As someone who has followed the club for a number of years and also has the ability to do a Google image search, I can assure you this is most certainly not the Liver Bird. The Liver Bird does not look like the aborted offspring of a chicken and a cat. If you are having trouble remembering what it is supposed to look like, just scroll up to the top of this page and view our logo. That is the same bird that adorns the real Paisley Gates at Anfield. It is not like the bird, it is the bird and does not in the least bit resemble what Nike have concocted.

Perhaps this shoe is Nike’s way of getting back at the club for a lost sponsorship bid at some point in history. Lebron and his people, however, really should have done their homework, especially as he is being touted as an “avid fan of Liverpool FC” by NESN. His signature across the tongue tells me he’s okay with this, but I am really not. It’s unfortunate that a number of individuals who do not know anything about Liverpool will be exposed to ‘that thing’ because Liverpool or not, that is one ugly shoe.


  • Nine

    wtf is this???

  • Gano1

    Was this designed by a 2 year-old??????

  • Fleetwood

    A GRIFFIN instead of the LIVERBIRD?

  • Tobesetc

    It is awful… but I bet Nike are not allowed to use the real crest or Liver Bird image.

  • Tom lfc

     i plan to call a meeting to protest every nike outlet global till they appolagise and remove the item from sale!!

  • Kuxmario

    “this must be a joke or an attempt to use photoshop gone extremely wrong”..that’s exactly what i thought when  i first saw it yesterday. Come on, a griffin instead of THE LIVERBIRD on a shoe boasting to be “LIVERPOOL edition”, if they are not allowed to use the club’s crest because of copyright or sponsor deals they shouldn’t use it in the first place, but a griffin to replace a LIVERBIRD is like replacing Ferrari’s Stallion with a Donkey

  • You have hit it in one! They are not authorised to use the symbolic Liver bird so have this concocted apparition instead. Expect little else from LeBron guy!

  • rubyrm

    It’s a disgrace and an insult to the city of liverpool and  LFC. It should be removed from stores with immediate effect.

  • CSD

    Sorry, I should have mentioned it’s scheduled to be released on May 5th. Just happens to be the date of the FA Cup Final.

  • rubyrm

    Then It should be stopped from getting there. Thanks for the clarification

  • rolando

    who cares!

  • Joe

    You haven’t got a clue you top idiot

  • Nine

    In the vein of Do Not Buy The S*n… 

  • Gano1

    It’s like a pair of Addidas with 4 stripes, WRONG!!!!……………….LOL

  • Red_or_Dead

    No, I agree who cares? I’m a scouser and have supported Liverpool for 35 years. This does not bother me. Yes they are gopping, a horrible design and look ridiculous, but will this really impact upon anything? Does it take away from LFCs own line of trainers (sneakers)? No as we don’t really have any, well nothing that represents significant sales. Will anyone in their right mind buy them? No, especially not Liverpool fans and fans of other clubs certainly wouldn’t! Who does that leave? Probably a few Americans who like the colour and style (a style not overly popular in Europe)! Maybe a few blood sets from South Central LA will be interested??!!
    I can see these being a colossal failure, but I certainly wouldn’t advocate picketing Nike shops to prevent their sale!! Have far more important things to be getting on with and we will earn a reputation for kicking off at the slightest thing that displeases us, causing disruption to companies. How do you think we will fare then in convincing companies to sponsor us etc?
    I say just laugh at them with the rest of the world, don’t show people that we are so sensitive about these things that we have lost our sense of humour and get on with things of greater importance!!

  • Bekim

    I will never buy them even if they sell them for 90 p.

  • Jim

    Just had a flashback to my childhood holidays in Wales,yes i know
    the welsh emblem is a dragon but the griffin myth and the dragon are cut from the same cloth…maybe its a message from the illuminati ? david icke was right aliens do run the planet and i think they will runaway from these trainers not in em!

  • rubyrm

    Ha ha. good one.

  • che

    there only shoes… get over it peoples… i cant believe you spent the time to write that article… 

  • Mark LFC

    Its a griffin, but the way the author put it was bang on! An aborted offspring of a chicken and a cat haha


    looks more like the dragon from the Welsh flag :/ terrible

  • Blackmamba

    Boo fricking hoo.. The moaning about the bottom of the boot is ridiculous. Only thing retarded about this trainer is the crest. Ok, so they probably cant use the liverbird, but if you dont want to buy them there is no force. 

    Have any of you been to Thailand and seen the fakes on sale for 50THB? Just pretend its one of them.. 🙂

  • JonathanOwolabi

    A griffin is a bird in a lion… and lebron fancies himself as a lion or something of that sort. SO the liverpool bird + LBJ lion = a griffin. He isnt that stupid. 

  • Lorenzo

    These are fake! The real liver pools don’t have this! You are an idiot if you can’t tell real from fakes you must be stupid