Brendan is Boss

Write that down...
After weeks of speculation, which was mostly ignored around these parts, the News Desk can confirm that there are very reputable, though still unconfirmed reports, that it will be Brendan Rodgers who’ll be sitting pretty in the Liverpool hot-seat next season after agreeing to a 3 year deal with the Anfield outfit. After originally turning down the opportunity to discuss the vacancy on Merseyside, the former Swansea and Chelsea reserve coach beat out supposed heir to the throne Roberto Martinez after a meeting with Fenway Sports Group put the Northern Irishman over the top, and into one of the most prestigious positions in world football. Replacing firm fan favorite Kenny Dalglish is going to take some serious doing, but after the impressive passing game of the newly promoted Welsh side earned them a respectable, and surprising, 11th placed finish, hopes are high that the new gaffer will be able to exceed the expectations of an ownership group bent on propelling Liverpool back into the upper echelons of the Premier League. Despite the positive buzz around the 39 year old manager and the aura of youth that’s beginning to surround the new look Reds, there’s many questions to come, some of which we’ll attempt to shed some light on, as Brendan attempts to make his bones at his first big club.

Now, what says you?

  • Farrugia Philip

    he will be great

  • Jim

    Good luck big fella lets have the luck o irish and get back to the top!

  • y welcome brendan…ynwa

  • y welcome brendan…ynwa

  • thesse64

    Good luck Brendan

  • Ray Byrne

    hope so 🙂

  • Davidbradley17

    I agree. I hope he lasts for decades so we can actually get back to the top of world football.

  • Obibaronny

    ggod luck

  • Excellent choice and all the best Brendan R. Can’t wait to see the excellent passing and ball retention. Finally, I can see the future and the glorious days of the past coming back. Now bring on the warrior kit. YNWA

  • Chri5jo

    I thnk it is important that fans support the team, I think he can do a good job. I hope fans don’t compare him to Kenny or Rafa or who ever they wanted as manager. Even if you got an experienced manager their is never a guarentee that everything will turn to gold.
    If it is true, i wish him well and looking forward to the footie. Atleast we know he likes to get players to pass it from the back and is attack minded.

  • Rrr Ss

    We need to bring back the possession and passing game back to Anfied. Rodgers has proven that is how he plays football. It could be a marriage made in heaven. Mark D from reading

  • CSD

    Changing what the team does in the final third will be his biggest obstacle. Should be interesting.

  • managers have to start somewhere…this will either be a good appointment which will reap results, or a spectacular failure…

    either way, i’m looking forward to it.

  • i can has goals?

  • loving the positivity!

  • Leerd49

    Let’s get behind him. A positive attitude from all the  fans will help settle the team and NEW manager Brendan.  If we as fans are negative about this appointment it won’t help with what happens on the pitch.  A big welcome from Ray in Belfast. YNWA