Win Every Weekend, Even if Liverpool FC Lose

Jurgen Klopp asked supporters to talk football rather than discuss the crazy money in the game but when it comes to making money, fans can win every weekend, even when Liverpool FC lose.

Having a bet is part of the match day experience for many supporters who usually like to back their team to win, even when their chances don’t look good on paper. Correct scores, first scorers and scorecasts are the most popular bets and bookmakers often give free bets and bonuses on these betting markets because they are so difficult to predict.

What many football punters don’t realise is they can actually make guaranteed profits from betting offers using a method called matched betting. There are sites that provide access to all the betting offers and explain if full detail how to use them to make guaranteed profits.

Matched betting uses betting exchanges and some clever maths to back both outcomes of an event and guarantee a similar profit no matter what the result. It has featured on highly trusted websites like the Telegraph, the Guardian, the Huffington Post and Martin Lewis’ Money Saving Expert. They agree it isn’t gambling because you can’t lose as long as you follow the instructions and match your bets as explained in matched betting guides.

How Matched Betting Works

Matched betting involves placing a ‘qualifying bet’ with real money in order to earn a free bet. By placing a bet to win with a bookmaker and betting the same selection to lose on a betting exchange, you will win one of the bets no matter what the result.

You won’t lose anything if you find closely matched odds with the bookmaker and on the betting exchange but you won’t win anything either. You will have a free bet however and this can be turned into a guaranteed cash profit because you won’t be using any of your own money.

With the help of a matched betting calculator which works out the ideal stake to place on the betting exchange, you are guaranteed to make the same profit regardless of the result.
You can start out by taking advantage of over 60 welcome offers with the various UK licensed online bookmakers. Expect to make about £40 profit from a £50 free bet and deduct the small cost, if any, for placing the qualifying bet to work out your total profit from the offer.

Getting started requires a small bank of about £60 to cover the bookmaker and exchange bets. A bigger bank means you won’t have to wait to withdraw profits to start another offer so you’ll make money quicker.

There is over £700 to made from sign up offers alone and using reload offers aimed at existing customers, people are comfortably earning £500 per month for spending around 30 minutes per day doing offers. Others are making over £1000 per month for putting more effort into it and some claim to making over £2000 per month.

It’s something to consider the next time you login for a bet, matched betting could pay for your season ticket and fund some memorable away days following Klopp and the team.

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