Robbie Fowler Thinks Christian Benteke Would Fit in Perfectly at Anfield

With Liverpool reportedly ready to further their interest in Aston Villa striker Christian Benteke with an improved bid, the Reds are taking the transfer war to a different front with club legend Robbie Fowler gushing about how well he thinks the big Belgian would fit in at Anfield.

“The striker issue is a big thing. We didn’t have anyone who scored 10 Premier League goals last year and I can’t remember the last time that happened at Liverpool,” he told the Liverpool ECHO. “It’s important we get a proven goalscorer and of the names being bandied about I’d go for Benteke. I think he’s excellent,” he continued. “I know there are other top strikers out there and probably more prolific scorers. But in terms of all-round play – strength, speed, physicality, finishing – I think Benteke could be the main man for Liverpool.”

While many pundits and fans alike have raised concerns over whether or not Benteke would suit the Reds style of play, Fowler — a player who knows a thing or two about putting the ball in the net — isn’t buying in to the worry that the 24-year old could be Andy Carroll all over again.

“I think we cross more balls into the box than any club in the league and I think Christian says he feeds off crosses. There’s no point going to a club where they don’t cross the ball,” explained Fowler before stressing that there’s more to his game than just getting on the end of balls whipped into the box. “I’ve watched him a lot and he’s not just a target man. He can hold the ball well and bring others into play but he’s also mobile and keeps defenders on their toes,” he said. “Liverpool’s game isn’t all about getting down the line and whipping crosses in, it’s about movement but I think Benteke has got that. I can’t stress enough how important it is that we get a forward like that – someone to make the pitch big. It’s vital for us because it brings others into the game.”

One thought on “Robbie Fowler Thinks Christian Benteke Would Fit in Perfectly at Anfield

  • July 4, 2015 at 3:24 am

    As an ex-player he has to remain biased…Could you imagine the real sentiment going through this mind when we’ve had some of the most devastating front lines with him then Owen up front in recent memory…The games changed some fold since the days of the ‘foreign’ coach turning up and working or trying to work wonders. The markets getting smaller. The unknowns already scouted. Call me a cynic again, but the games getting tougher and the margins smaller. The days of getting a manager and an unknown player in the mould of Alonso are getting smaller. Correct me if im wrong in my assessment but, i see all leagues going this way.

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