Rodgers Can Sense Ambition Growing at Liverpool FC

It is preseason, and preseason needs to be kept in context, you know, we aren’t going to win the league because we’ve won 2 out of 2 preseason friendlies, but, what it does allow, is for you to get things right before the season kicks off, so that you are able to get the most out of your campaign.

Last preseason was almost as bad as it gets, The World Cup was in full swing, the players we bought in all suffered from some kind of injury when they did finally get back from holidays. We lost our best player, couldn’t find a replacement and then after all that, we signed a player to replace Suarez who the manager just a few weeks earlier flatly called out as a wonderful talent but somebody that we did not want at Liverpool.


Was it any wonder we then proceeded to mess everything up from the get go last season?

So, this preseason, we have already got 6 new players in, we have a new captain and most of the squad is settled and ready to go, with only Coutinho, Firmino, Can, Illori still yet to join up with the rest of their teammates.

Rodgers, who is undoubtedly under immense pressure after last season, has been backed with everything he could wish for going into this campaign and with his backroom changes all done and dusted and the imminent arrival of Benteke, it is clear that FSG are keen to ensure Rodgers has a successful campaign.

Speaking on tour, Rodgers for his part is optimistic about all the changes stating

“There’s been a lot of change, which brings that freshness to the group again and I just can sense early on a real feeling and ambition in the group to do well.

“But we know we’re going to have to fight hard because the other teams have improved as well. We really want to make a push this year and hopefully have a great season.”

Which is kind of the least you’d expect Rodgers to say, but Rodgers also knows for a fact that this season, we have to do everything possible to score more goals, because goals win titles and if you are going to persist with the likes of Lovren at the club, scoring all the goals is probably the right philosophy to take into next season.

Plus, it makes me happy when we score goals, so I am all for it.

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