2 thoughts on “West Ham Boss Defends Liverpool Misfit Following Horror Error

  • August 31, 2015 at 7:21 am

    Top man Slav,
    The scousers just cannot accept they were beaten by the better team on the day !!! Smashed !!!!!!
    The lack of attention that the media and the know all fxxk all ex pro pundits to our masterclass performance
    Is a disgrace . Instead it’s all about how bad Liverpool played and that west ham should never have won here
    Because we are Liverpool and it shouldn’t have happened !!!!!!
    Well guess what you bunch of arrogant ignorant wannabe good again living in the past tossers.
    We murdered you 0-3 at your’e place and did it with a masterclass tactically astute manager who is we all
    Hope going to make some history for us and it’s long overdue.
    We can only get better ,
    The media and the other tossers need to get a life and say it as it is and give credit where it’s due !!!!!!!

    Anybody seen the hippo !!!!!!! Has he raised his head yet !!!!!!!!

  • August 31, 2015 at 8:18 am

    Remember the great side Liverpool had under Paisley and the jock ,
    Well they were all British ,!!!!!
    It’s all about money now and although you have spent a lot , the foreigners don’t give a shi about the culture
    And pride of pulling on the red shirt , it’s all about money !!!!!
    And I’m afraid the manager you have at the moment is not up to it I’m afraid .
    There’s no stein – Paisley – or fagan out there ,
    You have to face up to it , Liverpool are not Liverpool as you knew them ,their on par with everyone else ,
    You will win some and lose some like everyone else.

    I’ve got a grin as wide as the Mersey and will have till we get beaten as it is part and parcel of the game .

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