VIDEO: Luis Suarez Accused of Diving Again as Uruguay Beat Argentina

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Liverpool forward Luis Suarez has once again found himself in the center of controversy after appearing to dive to win a penalty during Uruguay’s crunch World Cup Qualifier with Argentina last night. The match – with saw El Pistolero’s side come out on top 3-2 over their fellow South Americans – ensured that La Celeste would meet Jordan in a two-legged play-off match with the winner granted a spot in FIFA’s showpiece tournament next summer.

Reds fans, and the rest of the Premier League, are already well versed in Suarez’s antics and though the striker has been the target of some vastly undue criticism, TV replays appear to show that the Uruguayan went down under minimal contact from Argentina defender Sebastian Dominguez in the 34th minute. Referee Marcelo de Lima Henrique had no hesitations in pointing to the spot despite the feverent protests of the defender and the striker would step up to convert and put his side ahead.

It’s been suggested on more than one occasion, by more than one pundit, that Suarez goes to ground too easily and to make matters worse, the striker admitted to diving against Stoke in an attempt to fool match officials last season. A tumble against Peru, punching an opponent in another qualifier and the now infamous deliberate hand-ball in the last World Cup in South Africa are just a short list of the Uruguayn’s rap-sheet and though there are players that are easily on-par if not worse than the Liverpool attacker, there are few which are quite as high profile.

While this latest bit of controversy is likely to be all but ignored by the Reds faithful when Suarez returns to action on Saturday against Newcastle United, there’s little doubt that the Magpies fans, who are sure to pull out some holier than though chants, will let them forget it.

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Luis Suarez Accused of Diving Again as Uruguay Beat Argentina

  • October 16, 2013 at 6:27 pm

    Looked like he went down easy but also looked like there was a forearm into him. The problem for me is that refs will never give a penalty unless you go to ground. That’s what has produced the diving culture.

    On the reverse end of it, they’ll never give a penalty to someone pulled down in the box during a corner or free kick. So defenders are repeatedly throwing down opponents and getting away with it.

  • October 16, 2013 at 8:47 pm

    I’m just glad the British haven’t been infected with the diving disease yet.

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