Brendan Rodgers Plans for the Next 18-Months

Making a list and checking it thrice
These days, success off the pitch is intrinsically linked to success on it. While Liverpool managing director Ian Ayre plots ways to bring fresh funds into the Anfield coffers, Reds boss Brendan Rodgers is targeting some shiny pieces of silver.

We’ve seen the team transform over the last 18 months under the Northern Irishman, and with ten matches left in the season, we’re looking well placed to finish the season stronger than predicted. “We have gone from a team that was looking to put a style of football in place, a high-energy, high-tempo attacking team” said the Liverpool boss. “I think it’s recognised now that we have been one of the most exciting teams in the country to watch, but we want to have success alongside that.”

Going into this weekend’s meeting with Manchester United, the Reds sit in second place, having played a match more, league leaders Chelsea sit a mere 7-points clear of Rodgers side. Although having a tilt at the title will make for an exciting close to the season, the Northern Irishman continues to insist that that’s not the aim – for now. “Success for us is to get into the Champions League” he continued. “But we want, eventually, over the next 18 months, to be challenging with the squad on the trophy front, both in terms of the Premier League and the other trophies.”

Liverpool are expected to build in the summer; European football will demand not only a bigger squad, but will also remove many of the boundaries the Reds faced when trying to capture “marquee players” last summer. Still, the focus remains on the team as a whole. You win with eleven men, not just one or two. “I am very keen to create the idea of the collective, because that is what wins you games and wins you championships. The team is very important, and then obviously having great individuals within that” explained Rodgers. “It’s about working hard, and creating the standards, values and expectancy here. We never get tired of demanding the best at the club.”

5 thoughts on “Brendan Rodgers Plans for the Next 18-Months

  • March 10, 2014 at 3:18 pm

    Assuming Borini will come back and be a better player for us. I would say we still need 1 more addition to the front 3.

    2 more CM’s or 1 Box to Box CM and 1 DM depending on how you want to use the captain (I still don’t think his positioning marking and defensive anticipation is good enough… not his fault just a consequence of having a career where he played had to play every where to benefit the team).

    And then the back line… Where do I start? Jonno seems to be going through depression at the moment. But we have Flanno and maybe Kelly next season… I think we should try and get the best out of Jonno give it another season.

    I think we will see Toure have one more good season as he was good when he was at RCB. Skirt makes mistakes and his poor passing slows down our build up play. But I totally understand if people don’t want to give either of them a chance and demand we buy a new RCB. But I would like them to give it 1 more year because we have both Ilori and Wisdom who seem to have lots of potential but I am sure they both need an extra full year on Loan, Hopefully in Serie A (Wisdom) and Bundes (Ilori).

    As for LCB I am sure I am the only person who thinks this but I think Agger is over rated and makes far more mistakes them people notice. And I would like Sakho to be a bit quicker but over all I think we can be happy with Sakho as a first choice and Agger as a squad player. But I would like us to try and find an 18 year old to try and push for Aggers place.

    I don’t think we have a single LB who is good enough. So we should buy 1 for the 1st 11 and a 2nd youngster to rotate and fill in when injuries hit.

    Finally I think it would be better for us if we found a young 18 year old to replace Brad Jones on the bench, but the current situation is fine as it is.

  • March 10, 2014 at 4:17 pm

    There’s too many intangibles at the moment. I think everyone can agree that a new left sided fullback and a defensive minded midfielder are priorities. Beyond that, I think I’d be pretty happy with whoever we brought in — well, I say that now anyways.

  • March 10, 2014 at 8:02 pm

    The way I see it we only have a few issues to resolve as musts, regardless of our finish.
    1) 2 CMs- Like Lux said, ideally it would be a CM and a DM, but any central players would be great additions considering most can play any midfield position for a gave if they absolutely have to.
    2) Senior LB- Enrique is our only senior LB. Cissokho won’t stay (and he doesn’t deserve to anyway). Robinson doesn’t look likely to cut it, though I could be proven wrong. Either way, the next step down the youth line is Brad Smith, who I think needs a loan before first team. Enrique is out and might not recover his form at this point, and Robinson will be hit or miss imo.
    3) Attacker- Preferably a LW who can play more centrally if needed (a la Konoplyanka or Lacazette). With Moses leaving (hopefully) we are relying on Sterling to provide natural width. Yes Suarez and Coutinho play there, but they dont expand play like Sterling or even Assaidi would. Borini and Assaidi will help assuming both stay, but I think 1 more around 22-24 years old would solidify our attack. Even with injuries, we would be completely prepared.
    4) Young backup CB- This is completely dependent on the future of Coates. If he seems to come back strong and with fight, then there is no need. But a Caulker or Hinteregger would be welcome. Of course we could always bring up Sama or L. Jones. Or even move Wisdom and Kelly back, but Kelly’s career unfortunately looks stalled, and Wisdom has really developed as a RB on loan, so a move center might mean losing a top RB prospect.
    5) Backup goalie- Whether this is a Schwarzer type move or a young up and coming goalie, a serviceable backup would be nice. Jones’ form as of late has not been very convincing. Granted he only plays maybe 10 times a year at most, but an upgrade would be nice considering the level of quality L’pool are approaching. Anyway, I feel like a loan out would be a nice gesture at the very least, giving him a chance of being a regular #1.
    6) Young CM- Last (and least considering its a numbered list) would be a good young CM that could grow into LFC a la hendo. And I don’t mean AM (we have enough of those: Suso, Alberto, Texeria, etc.), maybe a Hughes or someone like that.

  • March 10, 2014 at 8:13 pm

    Sorry for the long post…and i forgot my choices based on whats been rumored 😛
    1) M’vila/Fernando and someone (I’ll be honest I don’t really know who’s on the market… Kroos would be a dream, but I don’t think its likely. If Utd go for him though, I don’t see why LFC shouldn’t)
    2) Caner Erkin/Montoya Dream- Ricardo Rodriguez
    3) Kono/Lacazette/V. Ficsher Dream- Shaqiri
    4) Caulker/Hitenregger/Papadopoulos Dream- Mangala
    5) We really haven’t been linked, but Keylor Navas looks good. A move for Freidle or Schwarzer if they don’t retire could work too until Ward proves himself. Even Julio Cesar might work if he leaves the MLS.
    6) Hughes… again don’t really know who’s on the market

  • March 11, 2014 at 3:55 pm

    That’d be one massive summer if we landed one player on your list for each of those positions.

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