VIDEO: Suarez Talks to a Beatle

Video by PaulMcCartneyUY

Tomorrow, Liverpool travel to Carrow Road and a Uruguayan is expected to score. On that same day, a little piece of Liverpool will be in Uruguay and he’s expected to score as well. There might be a massive difference between Luis Suarez and Sir Paul McCartney, but when these two stars sit down and have a chat, things certainly get interesting.

The former Beatle, a known Everton fan, is probably the most famous Liverpudlian on the planet. The singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and composer visits Montevideo’s Centenario Stadium later today to play to a sold out crowd. The Reds, who visit Norwich City tomorrow, are on course for their first title of the Premier League era, and though Suarez loves scoring against the Canaries with eleven goals in his last four meetings, he’s got music on the mind and asks Paul to give Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers a call and convince him to give Luis permission to attend the concert.

There’s a number of tongue-in-cheek moments throughout with Paul revealing who his favorite player is, who’s going to win the World Cup and if he’ll support Uruguay should England be eliminated. Although Suarez avoided asking the former Beatle anything about crosstown rivals Everton, Paul is known to prefer Blue to Red. With the questions from Suarez obviously written in advance, the 71-year old music icon snuck in a little Everton chant at the end just to punch his bias home — everyone has their faults, right?

We’ll let that one slide…

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