WATCH: Heysel 1985 Requiem For A Cup Final

Video courtesy of FIGHTERS 1985

Just as we remember the tragedy that was the Hillsborough Stadium Disaster, Liverpool supporters around the world will pause today to remember the tragedy that was the Heysel Stadium disaster of 1985.

Criminally under-recognized by the club itself and quite often misunderstood by vast swathes of the football world, one only needs to look to the undeniably avoidable loss of human life to begin to understand what a dark day this was for all of us. When you come to the realization that this could have been any team and any set of supporters at this particular point in the history of the game, tribal lines and perceived partisan point-scoring on the back of those we lost that day is exposed as being even more crass than you’d first suspect.

39 Juventus fans lost their lives that day in the backdrop to what should have been one of the best European Cup finals the world had ever witnessed. Instead, we have a day that continues to echo out for all the wrong reasons almost thirty years later; we do not forget and continue to mourn the lives that were lost on that fateful May day in Belgium.


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