Tottenham Build Up: Pochettino Takes a Different Approach, Eriksen Has a Jab and Rose Got Punked

Don’t remind me.

Tottenham Hotspur boss Mauricio Pochettino remembers what happened the last time Liverpool lined up at White Hart Lane — you don’t have to remind him.

Even though the Argentine was in charge at Southampton when it happened, the Reds 5-0 win over a new look Spurs side announced the Anfield outfit as real title contenders and ended up being the catalyst for then manager André Villas-Boas eventual sacking. Although history isn’t likely to repeat itself when Liverpool return to the scene of the crime on Sunday, there’s the faint scent of déjà vu in the air as the London side recover from a tough Thursday night in Europe.

As you might remember, it was on the back of one of their Europa League soiree’s on a Thursday night that Spurs top four hopes were given a hammer blow by the Reds — something that Pochettino has insisted won’t happen again.

“The past is the past,” said the Argentine when asked about last season’s embarrassing result. “I don’t want to remember the past. It is a new season, I think a different style, different philosophy. Liverpool invested a lot of money this summer and we went another way. We believe in our squad and add some players for the balance. Two different ways [of approaching things].” Yes, you didn’t add to the squad because you believe in it, not because Villas-Boas wasted all the money last summer, right? One can only chuckle at the twist Pochettino has put on the narrative.

It’s hard to argue that the Reds haven’t invested heavily over the summer with many pundits likening the sale of Luis Suarez to Barcelona and the subsequent spending spree that followed to Tottenham’s sale of Gareth Bale to Real Madrid and their own splurge fest. On the other hand, it’s also prudent to point out that Liverpool would have invested heavily regardless considering they have Champions League football to think about this year whereas Spurs were only hoping to make the top four on the back of their spending. Massive difference, no?

While you might be wise enough to see through the media narrative, Spurs midfielder Christian Eriksen — one of last summers recruits — is only happy enough to parrot it. “Last year we made some really good signings, I think. We were just a bit unlucky that nothing really ended up in a big thing,” the Dane told the London Evening Standard in the build up to Sunday’s meeting. “Of course, that can happen with Liverpool as well so sometimes you are lucky and sometimes you aren’t.”

After missing out on the spanking last year, the 22-year old is doesn’t think he’s in line for it on the second time around. “In those games against Liverpool we weren’t at our best, that is fair to say,” he continued, sounding a bit uncertain of himself. “Of course, we hope and I think we will probably do better when we play them on Sunday. It is going to be a different type of game.”

Going into the international break on the back of a win is crucial and if Spurs can build on their so far perfect record in the Premier League, they’ll have a good jumping off point following the break. Liverpool have four players in the England squad for this fall’s set of international matches and they’ll be joined by Tottenham pair Andros Townsend and Danny Rose — a player who thought he was being sold before finding out about his Three Lion’s call.

“He called me into his office and said, ‘we have accepted a bid and we are selling you!’” said Rose of the moments leading up to when Pochettino revealed that he’d been called up by England. “I did not believe him but one of the other coaches walked in and said the same thing. Then the manager told me he had heard I might have a chance of being selected and later that night the England manager called me and he verified it.”

Well, considering the Argentine’s comments leading up to this Sunday’s match, it’s pretty apparent that he has a sense of humour. I suppose this only verifies it…


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    All fans of football mate,, just like yourself. Your comment smacks of a knuckle dragger! EDL supporter maybe??? Ukip?? Hatred is not banter mate.

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