Liverpool FC – Hope and Trust in Short Supply

Have you seen that movie, the one where your mates all tell you it is the best thing ever and then you go and watch it and maybe it’s the effusive praise, or the fact that out of nowhere a Ben Stiller appears, or its the fact that as much as you like to be like one of your friends, there’s just something off-putting about the movie, maybe it’s too many penis jokes, or not enough, but you just can’t shake the feeling of this movie being a dud.


When you finally meet up with your mates again and they’re all smiling and can not wait to hear what you thought of the movie, you have two options, you either lie or tell the truth and find new friends. In either scenario though, there will always be a nagging feeling of dread the next time they recommend the next greatest movie ever. And either way, it will happen and you’ll be left a little perplexed by what to do.

You see, trust has been broken, you no longer feel as though it makes sense to just take their word for it, they were wrong before and they probably are wrong again, so yeah, there will be no watching this new movie and you know that not watching it may lead to you missing out on the next Citizen Kane, but you don’t really care, because it will probably end up being The Hangover 3.

So Liverpool FC are managed by a man that brought us some of the best times we’ve had in a decade, which was then followed up with a gut-wrenching season that saw questions hover around his tenure and the trust that he worked so hard to achieve, is all but gone. Every decision is now seen as a reason to question his motives, his talent, his understanding of the game and his management in general.

Rodgers is responsible for it all, he is the man that went out of his way to create a level of “what the hell man?” decisions throughout much of last season and even though I am one of his biggest fans, I am still left feeling as though, this is just not going to work out.

Am I happy about this scenario? Hell no.

Would I rather be completely committed to the manager in every conceivable way? Hell yes.

Which is why I was absolutely ecstatic about our transfer window. It provided hope where there was none and it provided some trust that was in short supply by the end of last season. But, decisions that rightly or wrongly feel wrong are now amplified through a terrible speaker that distorts and shakes as it screeches out a mumbled message. We are all left to take from that message whatever we feel fits in best with our take on current events.

6 points is 6 points and I personally will not cry about poor performances because where we currently sit is a marvelous position that see’s only Manchester City and Liverpool with 100% of points at this early stage of the season.

Go out and grab another 3 points at Arsenal and a further 6 from West Ham and Manchester United and we are well on the path of redemption and that can only mean good things going forward and lots of egg on the face of fans such as myself that are left in limbo about how we feel about Rodgers.

But, until Rodgers is able to show again that his plan is the right way forward, we as fans will rightly feel a sense of unease about just what kind of season and future we are likely to have.

Being wrong though, will never feel as good and seeing that I am often wrong, I am hoping that this is one of those occasions, because wanting to be proven right, is not exactly a good thing in this scenario, so as we all decide to chance our arm, there is more than a few butterflies as we walk into that cinema again, hoping this time it leads to the actual greatest thing of all time.

Anything less and those nagging concerns just will not go away.

Neboneid H

I write mostly long winded metaphors and hard to comprehend similes but once you get to know me, you'll probably invite me to your wedding. Plus I do Dad Jokes, lots and lots of dad jokes.

One thought on “Liverpool FC – Hope and Trust in Short Supply

  • August 23, 2015 at 9:05 am

    Nice piece and I don’t and won’t ever trust this mediocre manager,his buys have been shambolic at best and his press conferences are a joke.He played the whole of last season without a striker just too make a point,and the way he treated Gerrard and others in Madrid was the hump that broke the camels back…HE HASN’T A CLUE IN EUROPE,AND HE IS AN EMBARRASSMENT TO THE BADGE.

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