Daniel Sturridge is “Happy” at Anfield and “Determined” to Help Liverpool be Successful

Looking to put a year and a half of injury misery behind him, ahead of the meeting with FC Augsburg tomorrow, Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge faced the press this morning alongside Reds boss Jurgen Klopp and used the opportunity to clear a few things up — like the rumour that he’ll be looking to leave Anfield this summer.

“I think it’s important to worry about the present. Of course, it’s been a difficult time being injured, but it’s part of football,” said the 26-year old, before affirming his commitment to the cause. “Now I am looking forward to the future, of course with Liverpool. There’s not really much to worry about or stress about in the situation – I’m pretty relaxed and I’ve been relaxed the whole time,” confirmed the star striker, adding, “I am happy here.”

Klopp has been blunt in his assessment of Sturridge’s injury record and this has reportedly created some friction between the two of them. While he swerved mentioning any presumed criticism from the boss, he did go on to say that he was disappointed to hear that people were saying that he wasn’t committed to the game or that he didn’t want to play.

“I’m very ambitious. I am very determined to help Liverpool have some success. I am totally focused and, of course, I want to be on the pitch playing every game – just like every player wants to,” continued the 26-year old. “It hurts to hear what people have said second and third hand because, as I said, I don’t listen or hear anything. Some of the things people say about me, I can probably say a lot of them aren’t the truth,” explained Sturridge. “All I want to do is play football and help this team have success. That’s the most important thing to me – nothing else matters.”

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