Best Moments of Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool Press Conferences

It’s so rare to see a football boss that isn’t afraid to let their emotions show and Jurgen Klopp is certainly just that. He’s so hilarious, without even realising it, and this has led him to become a part of the nation’s football hall of fame.

In the six months that The Normal One has been gracing our television screens, he has had some truly hysterical moments. The press don’t quite seem to know how to handle the often smirking responses and he seems to go from deadpan to grinning in the blink of an eye. This might be the mark of a good comedian, but not quite what we expect from the Liverpool boss.


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Of course dubbing himself as The Normal One let us know what we were in for with this cheeky chap. Delivered with a dry wit and huge grin thereafter, he first showed the signs of being a bit of a joker. This was actually a smart move by the new boss to really let the fans get to know and like him, as we all know fans can be harsh at times.


Then, his brilliant line of preferring to be boss at Liverpool rather than in South Korea continued to win the boss friends in the crowd. These were the tentative jokes by the German to figure out where he stood with those interviewing him. Never shy and always with a smile.

Joking about press coverage of his life also comes easily to Klopp, especially when dealing with touchy subjects. Numerous footballers, like Gazza, have complained about the lack of privacy that comes part and parcel with fame but most of us don’t know what that is like. Klopp broke it down when he stated that he posed for a photo with an older couple, only to find that it had been sold to the newspapers the very next day. He quickly added that the public must always imagine him in a bar or restaurant thanks to this kind of coverage.


The straight faced German that we first got to know when he came to Liverpool has melted his stone façade with his jokes. We can’t wait to hear his next off beat joke, as it’s bound to be a zinger too!

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