Enjoying Euro 2016? Want A Free iPad? Read On…

Today we bring you news of a fantastic competition we’ve found on Twitter. @readies the guys from the popular UK finance site readies.co.uk are running a competition each day throughout the Euro 2016 championships where you can win your choice of an iPad Pro or iPhone 6s on a daily basis! And the best part is, it’s completely free to enter! Read on and I’ll tell you more…

The game is simple, each day they put up 3 games. Usually it’s the 3 games which are being played that day or if there are only 2 games then the game will be split over 3 days. All you have to do is sign up and enter what you think the scores are going to be for each of the 3 games. It’s that simple. Signing up takes 2 minutes and it’s completely free to play·

Once the last match has finished, all those with 3 correct go into a prize draw and a daily winner is randomly selected. That winner is then notified at 11am the very next day!

To make things more exciting, if you share your entry via Twitter or Facebook you’re also allowed 1 incorrect result – so you can enter into the prize draw with just 2 correct entries which in the Euro tournaments is actually quite easy to achieve!

You can read more about the game itself here https://www.readies.co.uk/win/. You will also see all the rules and the sign up links for details on how to play etc.

The current game to win the iPad or iPhone 6s is only running throughout the Euro 2016 championships but they also run a regular weekly game in the Premier League season where you have the chance to win £1,000 cash each and every week and if you’re skilled enough to be able to pick the scores of 10 games correctly you can win a Lamborghini!

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