What Will Losing Joe Allen do to Liverpool?

The transfer period always feels like such an exciting time for football clubs, for it gives them an opportunity to expand their team and bring some new blood into the mix; whether they’re looking for a boost or simply trying to keep fanning the flames of success, it proves a fun time. For all except Liverpool FC it would appear.

A lot of joyous news has circulated about the club, with various new signings coming in thick and fast from the likes of Georginio Wijnaldum at £25m and Jordan Amavi fueling rumours. However, throughout all this there has been rising concerns that Welsh born midfielder Joe Allen is set to leave, and now it can be confirmed that that is indeed the case. Despite speculation surrounding his departure for some time now Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool manager, has remained surprisingly quiet about it all, choosing to keep enigmatic during this tense period.

Now however, there is no need for that silence as news has spread that Stoke City have secured the 26 year old for a £13m deal. Despite the bid having been accepted, it seems that Swansea City, notorious rivals to Stoke, are eager to have Allen back with them. Whomever he ends up with by the end of summer, one thing that is a definite is how badly the fans have taken to the confirmation of months of rumours. Many have come out to reveal how they’d much rather other team members leave over Allen, who they believe has more scope to grow with the year left on his contract.

Whether the mood will soon lighten is anyone’s guess, as the loss of a frequent first team player is never easy, but what we can do is look forward to the future of the team in anticipation of next season. The Reds finished sixth in the 2015 Premier League 2015, and are understandably looking to go bigger and better with the start of the new season nearing. However, the loss of experienced members who have fully adjusted the inner workings of the club could hinder their quest to the top. This seems even more likely now that it’s said that fellow teammate, Jon Flanagan, is seeking out other clubs as well.

If both are to be lost, it will make watching upcoming matches all the more intense, especially as the odds are updated throughout the 90 minutes. Coral and plenty of other bookies always experience highs during uncertain times with clubs, but the recent news to hit Liverpool could be in a league all its own. That being said, there are more than enough positives coming out of the transfer talks and deals that the Reds may find themselves grateful for the dramatic change around; sometimes dynamic change is the only way to drive forward.

For now though it looks to be like the fans are having a love-hate time of it as they watch the news headlines roll in.

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