Fans to Welcome Reds Ahead of First Home Game at Redeveloped Anfield

From the stands to the streets, there is no question that Liverpool supporters will certainly go the distance to do whatever they can to help their beloved team to victory. It has been a fairly new tradition with the Anfield faithful; in the 2013/14 campaign, after an impressive start to the season, Liverpool were nearing a first league title since 1991 and on the 26th of March, Reds fans gathered the streets of the Anfield Road to welcome their football team prior to a fixture of great importance against Sunderland. As they vied for the Premier League Crown, this wouldn’t be the only time Liverpool supporters gathered the streets to inspire their club. Three more times it materialized under Rodgers when they took on Manchester City, Chelsea and Newcastle United in the closing games of the season.

Making a scene in the media on a global scale, Liverpool supporters had shown yet again why they are the best in world football. With the departure of the Northern Irishman last October and the arrival of German Jürgen Klopp, a Europa League run would see a resurgence of Kopites gathering in the streets to yet again welcome the mighty Red Men and strike fear into the opposition — and my god was it something special.

In a quarter-final tie with Borussia Dortmund, the streets were once again packed with thousands of fans giving an almighty ‘Anfield Roar’ as the team bus made its way in to the ground, which ultimately inspired Liverpool to a win in another classic European night. Semi-final opponents Villarreal were the next victims to experience the wrath of the thousands of Liverpool supporters whom yet again inspired the team to a 3-0 victory to reach the Europa League Final with Klopp describing the atmosphere of the fans outside the ground as “outstanding”. Reds fans never fail to deliver when it comes to showing support to their football club. When I thought the Dortmund atmosphere outside our sacred “church” was as good as it could possibly get, somehow, we managed to surpass it.

Since then, Liverpool fans have yet to greet the players with the redevelopment of the Main Stand pushing back our first home game of the season, but this Saturday evening, Reds fans will get to kick-off the campaign in style when they host defending champions Leicester City. What better way but to welcome the team back to a new and improved Anfield than to greet the team coach upon its arrival? Supporters have urged their fellow Reds to head to the King Harry pub on Anfield Road at 4pm to welcome the team bus back home prior to the 5:30pm kick-off. If previous occasions are anything to go by, it will be yet another memorable occurrence for us the fans and Klopp and his players.

Michael Quinn

Scouser born and bred with Liverpool FC running through these very veins from day one. Yet to see Liverpool win a league title, but that day will soon come. With every ounce of me, I flourish in buoyancy, I am the very definition of optimism. Opinionated? Yes! as you will soon see. I yearn for a good debate.

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