Stoke vs. Liverpool: Match Reaction

I have to admit, when Ben Woodburn was taken off at half time, I thought our game was pretty much over.

He was arguably our most creative player on the pitch and, as per UK media, I was under the impression Phil Coutinho and Bobby Firmino we’re out of action but the two Brazilians were forced into action in the second half.

And didn’t they do well? They were clearly the two best players on the pitch and turned a 1-0 deficit into a 2-1 victory – there isn’t many things more beautiful than when Liverpool win ugly.

Klopp clearly just messing about in the first half and attempting to give us all a panic attack.

Coutinho’s goal officially makes him the all-time leading Brazilian goalscorer in the Premier League. Awesome.

Bobby’s goal was exceptional; for those that haven’t seen it: remember Luis Garcia’s goal against Juventus in the Champions League? – yes, that one – well now imagine it but give Garcia some tattoos and a set of brilliant, giant teeth and there you go. Double awesome.

The refereeing in the game was shocking; Mike Dean is seemingly always looking for his next GIF-worthy moment, literally standing in Coutinho’s way when our little magician was trying to dribble.

An absolute joke of a man.

There should have been a penalty for Liverpool in the first half too but he’s hardly the first British referee to make that error.

Away at Stoke was probably our most difficult remaining game but our next one isn’t that much easier – West Brom.

But the grit that our best players have shown on this sunny afternoon in Stoke (I know, mental. In April too!) has told us that we are capable of bucking the awful trend we’ve set of dropping points against the Premier League’s weaker offerings.

Long may that continue. Up the mighty Reds.

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Steven Carson

Steven is a Club Journalist at AFC Liverpool and Features Writer for Paisley Gates

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