Liverpool winning the title would be the perfect tribute 30 years on from Hillsborough

As the title chase enters its very final stretch, are the stars aligning that Liverpool may finally end their wait for that elusive Premier League title?

Having won the last nine consecutive games in all competitions, Jurgen Klopp’s side have built up some momentum going into the final month of the season.

Liverpool are currently top of the Premiership with 88 points and enjoying a two-point lead over Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City, who have a game in hand tonight against Manchester United.

However, neither Jurgen Klopp or Liverpool are hopeful of United doing an unlikely favour considering their 4-0 drubbing to Everton on Sunday and their distaste of Liverpool.

But the reality is if United lose tonight, they will likely finish 6th and outside the Champions League places. Ultimately bringing a huge loss of around 60 million to the Old Trafford club and missing out on playing against the likes of Lionel Messi on Europe’s greatest stage. That means that tonight is a must win match for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team. But assuming City win easily this is the task facing Liverpool.

Jurgen Klopp’s men face Huddersfield this Friday at Anfield and then Newcastle a week on Saturday at the newly arranged 7:45pm kick off-time before facing Wolves at Anfield on the last day of the season.

That means that Man United, Burnley, Leicester and Brighton have to draw or beat Man City to enable Liverpool the chance to finally end their wait and lift the title.

There is also the prospect of an exciting Champions League semi-final with Barcelona to look forward too! On the Wednesday 1st May Liverpool will take to the Nou Camp and on the 7th May, Anfield plays host for the second leg clash.

So, there is a lot for Liverpool fans to look forward to in these next few matches and hoping that Jurgen Klopp’s side can win a trophy after playing so well this season.

Last week Liverpool paid their respects to the 96 that sadly lost their lives 30 years ago in the Hillsborough disaster. It was an FA Cup semi-final match in Sheffield between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest, where supporters were crushed. Every year services in the city of Liverpool and at Anfield are held to commemorate those who tragically lost their lives that day.

On the 30th anniversary of Hillsborough, it would be special if Liverpool were to win the title for the 96 in the skies.

Hillsborough is a very poignant part of Liverpool’s history. Former captain Steven Gerrard lost his cousin on that fateful day. Everton football club have put their local rivalry to one side to support Liverpool and bring the city together at a time of mourning every year in April.

While Premier League clubs who were in favour of standing and re-introducing standing clearly no nothing about the past. When a group of innocent supporters went to support their team and never came home that day, the football community should all honour the Hillsborough victims. Not just Liverpool Football Club or Everton Football Club.

If lessons were learned from Hillsborough no-one should talk about standing ever again as its such an awful idea and anything can happen. The safety of supporters is paramount in modern day sport.

Meanwhile, the inquest as to the Merseyside Police who made several mistakes during Hillsborough are yet to be punished. As are the incorrect reporting of The Sun who have a blatant dislike of Liverpool fans. They fail to praise the club when Liverpool win or put a ground breaking performance and heavily criticise when the team loses. Which is completely unfair when you win some, you lose some in football. And teams like Manchester City bought glory after being 12th in the Premiership back in pre-2005 so the fact that they would prefer to cheer on a team who are fakes kind of says it all.

When Liverpool drew with Leicester City its somehow the end of the world, when ultimately Liverpool still went 5 points clear at the top of the Premiership. It could be a vital point gained. But the way The Sun chastised Liverpool the day after the game wasn’t normal. Meanwhile, Manchester City who buy glory lost 2-1 to Newcastle, and they don’t moan at them or criticise them or say any kind of negative headlines about them. That is clear bias and wrong on so many levels.

But The Sun also never got punished for its inaccurate reports about Liverpool supporters urinating on each other during Hillsborough. It’s up to the government and judicial process to bring Merseyside Police, The Sun to justice.

And meanwhile Manchester City continue to violate Financial Fair Play with the bribery of Jadon Sancho’s agent and also when lying about their sponsorship income which was in fact from their owner. So, it’s up to FIFA, UEFA, the FA and the Premier League to punish them accordingly. In my eyes, no Manchester City don’t deserve the title.

While, for everything Liverpool Football Club has been through with Hillsborough, winning the title is something that would mean so much to the fans and everyone affected.

Then there’s Sean Cox and his family. After he was brutally beaten up by Italian thugs last year in April, it would be an amazing achievement if Liverpool can win the title for Sean.

Liverpool also their legendary captain Tommy Smith just over a week ago. He was an integral part of the 70s and 80s winning side. So, again winning the title for Tommy would be a fitting tribute to such a fantastic player.

If you add all those three main ingredients together, Liverpool do deserve to finally win the title. No one knows the destiny of the Premiership title, but let’s hope it’s with Liverpool.

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