A look at Liverpool FC’s profit and loss stats over the past year

With the UEFA Champions League cup finally secured under German manager Klopp, following a less than glittery 0-2 win against Tottenham Hotspur, and an amazing but agonising race to the championship of the English Premier League, we wanted to also take a look a closer look at LFC’s boardroom wins and losses over the past year.

We had a look at KPMG’s recently published Football Club Valuation 2019 which takes a look at 10 of Europe’s elite football teams in terms of club finance and operation.

Needless to say, that Liverpool has been in and around this list for many years now. The enterprise value (EV) of LFC has surpassed €2 billion, following a 33% EV growth in the past year.

These figures don’t include our recent triumph in the UEFA Champions League final so expect an even better financial performance comes this time next year.

As we came ever so close to winning the English Premier League, there is also an interesting reading from a betting point of view from our friends at Betway.

They put together this informative graph which suggests that had you placed a recurring £10 bet on LFC to win every game you would end up with a £33 with the most profitable draw of £56 coming in game 24 when Liverpool drew at home to Leicester 1-1, a costly draw in hindsight, as a win would have secured us the league after 29 long years of wait!

Going back to the finances aspect of the season we can also learn that LFC’s squad valuation is €1.038 billion which sits us comfortably in third position behind Manchester City (€1,182 billion) and FC Barcelona (€1,111 billion) and the operating revenue for the club stands at €514million.

There is no doubt according to the report, that the sale of Brazilian attacking midfielder, Phillipe Coutinho, back in January 2018, to FC Barcelona for €142 million has helped balanced the books.

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