Look Who Won Some Gear

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After many sleepless nights and much deliberation, the drunks Paisley Gates crew can finally announce the winner of our ugliest shirt contest sponsored by Soccerpro.com. This corking hawaiian number stood out head and shoulders, pun obviously intended, above the rest and the ghastly combinations of blue and white really lit this puppy up. Thankfully, our friend here doesn’t have to keep rockin’ this throwback piece of Belushi-wear now that he’s got a brand new Liverpool home shirt on its way. Svelete? He certainly will be.

Mandatory props to everyone who took two seconds out of their busy day to have a punt at winning some free swag. Of course, a special shout out goes to our sponsor: the gracious, good humoured peeps at SoccerPro.com who made sure we can afford to get another round in the next time we hit the pub.