The Cute Beatle Gives Luis Some Love

The News Desk had a giggle at the post title, and it’s OK if you do too. Although it may suggest something a tad risqué, what it actually means is that living legend and Liverpudlian Sir Paul McCartney gave current Liverpool striker and legend in waiting Luis Suarez a shout out while playing a show in his native Uruguay. You may remember Paul McCartney from such films as HELP!, A Hard Days Night and The Magical Mystery Tour while he was with a little known band called the Beatles. You may remember Luis Suarez from such goals as making Sylvain Distin look foolish and getting us back onto level terms in a certain FA Cup semi-final. If you’re unfamiliar with either, or both, it’s time to quit playing Dungeons and Dragons and visit with the real people.

In other news, someone is going to write something sooner or later. Ta-Ra for now!

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