VIDEO: Mourinho Starts The Mind Games

Video by TheBeanyman62

Following Chelsea’s scoreless draw with La Liga leaders Atletico Madrid in yesterday’s Champions League semi-final first leg, Blues boss Jose Mourinho has shifted his focus to this weekend’s match with Premier League pacesetters Liverpool and has got the ball rolling with some of his trademark mind games.

Chelsea’s failure to score in Spain has put the tie very much in the balance and Mourinho has used the situation to do double duty by suggesting that he could field a weakened side at Anfield on Sunday. Not only is that — ridiculously might we add — supposed to trick Reds boss Brendan Rodgers into thinking he’ll be coming up against a Chelsea side that’s less than full strength, it also lets Atletico know that his sole focus is on them.

Obviously, that’s not 100% true; although the Blues are five points behind the Merseysiders in the race for the title, there’s little chance that the Portuguese blowhard is about to throw caution to the wind despite his sides injury problems.

“I can’t decide by myself,” said a oddly complacent Mourinho in his post-match interview. “I think that’s a decision I have to listen the club. I’m just a piece, I’m just the manager and no more than that.”

“I think the fact that the match is on Sunday I think puts the problem not in my hands” he conceded. “I know what I would do, but I’m not the club. I have to speak with the club. I would play with the players that are not going to play Wednesday.”

You keep flapping your gums to the media, Jose; we’ll do our talking on the pitch.

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Mourinho Starts The Mind Games

  • April 23, 2014 at 5:53 am

    Like hell he will! He will be going for both and is providing a suitable excuse for failure as well as attempting his usual mind games

  • April 23, 2014 at 9:12 am

    No way. Your comments and mind games will not make Stevie g & co complacent. Keep doing this mouriniho because of it you are getting exposed and the players will know too.

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