The Intrepid Search for More

There is no time, everything I do is lost in a bitter spiral that eventually drains life away and turns the once bright day into a schism of pointless endeavours. One moment caves in and forms another until all moments are one and the same. Life as one gets older tends to leave you with this belittling feeling that absorbs straight into your veins like a drug that is designed to wash away any semblance of life itself. The truth is, as it always was, something that never really mattered much at all. My truth, does not jibe with your truth and therefore, it is only relevant in an echo chamber which bounces like a bubble between other echo chambers until they all pop out of existence.


There is a universe out there somewhere where this is not the way my life has ended up, the scientists all tell me so. So I can sit here and type away at the keys that remind me of my current existence while at the same time thinking that there is another version of me out there that is doing something more. More. The eternal need. One always seeks more, some of us find solace in the actual seeking of more, others are weighed down by its constant insistence on being craved. I am not only crushed by its insistence, I am completely lost in its ethos.

Can I find more? And if I do find it, can I finally be free of its constant search?

The question merely acts as another reminder that this need for more is all that we are designed to seek.

Try and escape the need and you may as well banish your human dignity. And there is the kicker, without it, your existence is futile.

So, you embrace it, you make it who you are, you lose yourself in more moments until those moments begin to devour your rest as well. The intrepid search for more marches on.

Search for moments of love, clarity, peace and even within the warm bosom they create, you are left hoping for more of the same. More and more and more. Can I make it to where I need to be without the weight of expectation? The answer is no, because that weight is what penetrates the body, leaving you with the matter that matters to you and with that now ingrained, you carry on. Every day, you carry on and every day you add just a little more expectation to bind to what already exists and my guess is that one day, that matter will eventually either burn away or become so overbearing that life itself matters very little. Is that really what I want?

Can I maybe just skip the part where all of this happens and just get to the point where I am free?

90 minutes.

The freedom is real for 90 minutes.

Watching Liverpool under Klopp is the release that gives me peace.

It is the one thing in my life that I allow to consume me completely free from the need for more.

For 90 minutes watching Liverpool all I want is that freedom to watch Liverpool. The players, the manager, the fans, we can all work in a manner that delivers success without ever forgoing the freedom. The more that matters for those 90 minutes, is confined in a different echo chamber. It is an echo chamber that is shared by millions and all those millions working together make the weight disappear into the very realm that scientists try desperately to explain. Within that echo chamber, we are all able to lump the weight of more into a parallel universe that can do with the weight whatever it damn well pleases, just keep it away from me.

Klopp has remarkably been able to deliver that freedom, even though expectations are high, even though we are all craving more. But it is that collective notion of more that gives us the freedom we seek. Collectively, fans, players, manager, owners, tea ladies and janitors we are greater than the sum of our parts. We are born again each week and we are unleashed in a manner that can destroy palaces that have taken an age to create. But as Klopp is so eager to state, it only works as a collective and that collective working together turns the matter that more creates into something much more powerful. It creates hope.

And with hope, the need for more is extinguished and that is why for 90 minutes real freedom is obtained.

Salute the fans, wave the Kop, ask for more, whatever it is you want Klopp, ask for it, because for 90 glorious minutes, hope is on our side. Moments do not cave in and out of existence, they are formed into a kaleidoscope of dreams and etched into memories before they become folklore and finally legends.

Give me that and walk on with hope in your heart.

Neboneid H

I write mostly long winded metaphors and hard to comprehend similes but once you get to know me, you'll probably invite me to your wedding. Plus I do Dad Jokes, lots and lots of dad jokes.

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