Reds Boss Looking for Patience to Achieve Something “Special” at Anfield

Just over a year since Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp took charge of the Reds for the first time, the Reds manager was in a contemplative mood as he reflected on his first year in the Anfield hot-seat — happy to talk about what he’s already achieved, but more interested in what the future can hold.

“Having the opportunity to work for Liverpool is a dream come true and better than I imagined, actually. We’ve showed Liverpool fans the first steps and I love the idea of progressing together,” the German manager told “Everyone says the world around us is kind of crazy, with the big money, and everyone talks about the small things, the big things, but we want people to talk about the football. Let’s talk about the football,” emphasized Klopp. “People talk about the number of years that the club haven’t won the league, but really for us it’s only been a year which makes us feel better. If the Liverpool fans are patient then we can achieve something special here.”

Just barely missing out in the finals of both the League Cup and the Europa League last season, the former Borussia Dortmund man has re-invigorated the Reds fan base with a style of football that’s as entertaining as it is universally appealing.

“When people talk about me they talk about hard work, more running than anybody else, high pressure, counter-pressing — but this is only one part,” explained Klopp. “I don’t care what people say about me but this is my image,” he added bluntly. “But that’s not bad because I’m here because of my image.”

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