How Liverpool Turned Things Around at Goodison Park

After Liverpool’s dramatic defeat of Everton, Jurgen Klopp has praised his players for a commanding second half at Goodison Park. At the home of their local rivals, the Reds picked up a valuable three points, with the 1-0 win secured by Sadio Mane’s time-stopping winner. The victory takes the Reds to back within six points of Premier League table leaders Chelsea, with Anfield set for a visit from the Blues after the New Year. However, the game didn’t start off as well as it ended. During the first twenty minutes in particular, Everton were the stronger team, with Klopp’s side showing a poor performance for almost all the first half.

Learning from Mistakes

Klopp puts the victory down to his players being able to recognise and learn from their mistakes, something that he praised them for during the half-time break. Klopp said that the first half is important to the Reds because everyone can see it, although ‘in this first half, we couldn’t play nice football or whatever’. He went on to say that it was ‘all about a possession game’ as the team wasn’t clear enough during the first half, describing passing moves by Lovren as ‘hectic’ and ‘too easy to defend’. But, he said that what he really loved about the night was that the players fought for every single ball and came back in the second half to do it ‘so much better’.

Going Up a Gear

Jurgen Klopp has transformed Liverpool from long-time losers to a team that’s now a serious contender for the Premier League trophy, so he’s always eager to share details of how the players managed to turn things around. In this case, he says that his players were able to finally perfect their game plan after some half-time analysis in the dressing room. He said that the team had an idea of what Everton did, similarly to how they finished the Arsenal game, describing it as ‘wild and intense’. He said that although the players had covered it in training, it’s a difficult situation to cope with on the pitch. He went on to describe how the players discussed not playing simply or quickly enough during the first half. They planned for better positioning in the second half, after the position ‘8’ contributed to them losing patience in the first half. The main goal was to ensure that they didn’t give a chance away.

Future for Liverpool

Liverpool have quickly become a real contender in the Premier League under the new reign of Jurgen Klopp, so it’s no surprise that they’ve got great odds over at 10Bet Sports Bets. So far, however, the Reds could put some of their success down to sheer luck, or perhaps they’re better at performing under intense pressure as they’ve totalled more 90th-minute winning goals than any other team in the history of the Premier League, and this last game was no different, with the winning goal hitting the back of the net at the 94th minute. So far, Liverpool have clocked a total of 29 goals in the final minute, overtaking Arsenal who come a close second at 23, with Premier League leaders Chelsea in third place with 20. Arch-rivals Manchester United, famous for ‘Fergie time’, have only 18, level with Tottenham.

With last-minute goals now part of the Reds’ tradition, they’ve showed their fans that they’re coming back strong with the dramatic win over Everton at the 94th minute. Do you think that Liverpool have what it takes to overtake Chelsea and finally become Premier League champions this season? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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