An Update on Liverpool’s Interest in Key Players

Jurgen Klopp is facing quite a different situation this summer than last, when he already enjoyed some of his summer signings at the park when he returned. This year, there are still some unanswered questions about key potential signings and prospects, and it’s likely causing a bit of frustration for fans, not to mention the manager of the club. It’s not like they’re taking a big gambling move, though, with some of the prospects they do have.

It’s a relief to know that some players, such as Mohamed Salah, Andy Robertson and Dominic Solanke have already been confirmed to be playing for Liverpool this year, there are also some question marks, including whether Naby Keita or Virgil van Dijk will actually find their names on the roster this year.

Let’s start with Naby Keita.

Naby Keita has been, without a doubt, one of the key targets for Liverpool all summer long. He would be an incredible asset and propel the team to the upper ranks of the league, but it’s also common knowledge that he may very well be one of the toughest to sign. No one is betting that he’ll be with Liverpool in the end, but it could happen.

A lot of things would have to line up perfectly for Liverpool to call Naby Keita their player, including setting a record number of transfers into place. It’s akin to having all the lines set up perfectly on a slot machine at the casino. However, despite this overwhelming challenge, Jurgen Klopp was quite upfront and frank about this prospect.

He said recently, during a post-season friendly in Sydney, “I wish we could bring in the players tomorrow, but, unfortunately, that isn’t really likely.”

Does this mean it’s only wishful thinking or a sense of gambling on the part of Liverpool fans that Keita will be joining their ranks? Not necessarily, but if there’s even a chance that RB Leipzig will let him go, Liverpool would have to break Bundesliga’s transfer record to even have a shot, and that still doesn’t guarantee anything. For those who want guarantees, in the sporting world of gambling of any kind, there aren’t any, but the William Hill casino club is certainly the closest thing.

Gambling is essentially the idea that you’re going to enjoy a great return on what may be categorized as a risky endeavor. A person might place a bet on Liverpool to win the championship and the odds will depend on the players they have, their competition, and other factors. Some will win, some will lose. It’s the same when it comes to acquiring the right talent.

While the German club has publicly stated that Keita is not on the transfer block, it’s still possible Nady would submit a request because it would be in line with his career trajectory.
Liverpool is only going to make a move for Nady (betting to get him, if you will) if there’s a strong indication the player actually wants to make a change.

Now, about van Dijk.

Most of this deal is all about Virgil can Dijk. It appears at the moment the player is simply undecided about where he wants to play. If he wishes to remain at Southampton, then there’s no discussion. However, there have been strong indications that he may see his own career trajectory playing out elsewhere. If he does decide to make a move, would this be considered gambling on his part? That all depends on his ultimate goal.

If van Dijk decides that he can no longer play at Southampton, then Liverpool could make their next move and stake a claim on him. Until then, it’s all up to this player to decide what happens in his future.

Ultimately, for Liverpool, they have some great backup targets should their first choices no happen, so Klopp and the rest of the team aren’t sweating it too much, but the waiting game can be frustrating for fans, especially as summer wears on.

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