Exogun – Percussion Massage Device – Review

Taking care of one’s fitness is highly important in today’s world and for footballers and other athletes, it’s a compulsory part of their daily routine.

Unfortunately, while trying to improve fitness or perform at the optimum level on the field, players have to deal with various muscle injuries and these may take a very long time to recover.

It can get really frustrating. Fortunately, you can swiftly heal your muscle related problem with the help of a highly effective percussion massage device in the form of Exogun.

Percussion treatment helps heal the muscle fast by penetrating deep into the muscle tissue. The quick and intense strokes of the Exogun calms the stiff muscles and provides long term pain relief.

This device is not only perfect for footballers and sport personnel but also for regular people who have to deal with muscle aches, stress and tiredness. Here is our review.

Delivery & Battery

I received the device last week. It comes in a smart case that has enough space for the machine, its four attachments and the charging cable.

It took three hours to fully charge the gun, which has the capability to function for maximum of four hours. However, it has certain speed modes and the faster the percussion rate that you will select, the faster the battery will drain.


Exogun is designed to be handled like a revolver/pistol and is absolutely simple to operate. It can easily be utilized by one hand for majority of the muscles. For lower back and spine area, it is preferable to take a help of a partner instead of unnecessary stretching.


The four attachments are easy to utilize and swap whenever needed. However, it is better to start using the device with either the Ball Head or the Flat Head that are relative simpler to use and perfect for big muscle groups.

The Fork Head and Bullet Head are for intense percussion and should be used carefully to avoid contact with bones or a joint, that would hurt.


When you go out for a workout after days/weeks break, it takes time ample time for the muscle to recover. I love sport and play football on regular basis, so I often have to deal with troubling muscle related concerns.

In such a scenario, percussion massage from the Exogun has greatly helped the muscles relax and recover quickly. I also let my family members try out the device and every single person was satisfied with its effectiveness.


The Exogun Dream Pro is worth $599 but on and off, they come up with brilliant sale offers that allow you to purchase the device for just $159. During these sales, the smart case, which is valued at $49, is offered for free with the device. You can get a great price by using the custom discount code PAIS10.

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