Liverpool target Renato Sanches Courted by Barcelona, Juventus

Young and talented players are always in great demand – this is especially true this year when the clubs’ purses are thinner than usual. The competition is tough. It’s harder to predict where a player may end up than correctly guessing whether your next spin on a slot machine will be a winner.

The many games at the best online casino Ireland has to offer have capriciousness built right into them. The transfer market seems to be on their tail in this area – transfers deemed “done deals” can suddenly change as new contenders decide to enter the race.

This is the case of Renato Sanches, who is reportedly courted by two major European clubs with serious offers on the table.

Renato Sanches

If Sanches joins The Reds, he will be at his second incursion in English football. While playing for Bayern Munich between 2016 and 2019, he spent a season on loan with Swansea City, riddled with passing mistakes and a hamstring injury. He left Munich for Lille in 2019, where he has stayed ever since.

His arrival to the French team apparently turned their luck around – Lille won its first Ligue 1 title in 10 years after signing the young Portuguese.

Sanches is a versatile midfielder who can play in many roles, with great strength, a remarkable passing ability, and composition when possessing the ball. Earlier in his career, he was repeatedly called an incredibly talented player who still has a lot to learn. Carlos Carvalhal, Manager of Swansea at the time, said that “Renato has a big talent, but he has much to learn. He stopped learning when he left Benfica and went to one of the biggest clubs in the world”.

Where will he continue?

Sanches is reportedly on the radar of The Reds and Arsenal, but not only them. French sports portal Le10Sport heard that FC Barcelona is also interested in signing the 23-year-old midfielder and that the negotiations are going well. Apparently, Sanches and his manager have already agreed on his move to Camp Nou – it remains to be seen if Barca and Lille can reach an agreement. Remember, Barcelona is in a very tight financial situation – and Sanches will not be cheap.

At the same time, the Italian news outlet Sport Mediaset is confident that Sanches is headed for Juventus. Apparently, the negotiations about bringing Manuel Locatelli to Turin have stalled, and now the team is looking for an alternative.

Apparently, Portuguese football agent Jorge Mendes has proposed Sanches to the club – even if Juve can’t afford his 35-million-euro fee, there may be a formula under which the Portuguese midfielder could join La Signora before the beginning of the next season.

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