Has Luis Suarez Signed a New Deal?

Rushing to sign a new deal?
Now that Luis Suarez is back from Olympic duty with Uruguay, you’d expect that Brendan Rodgers would be devoting some serious time to get the striker wrapped up in a new long term deal. That appeared to be the case earlier today when Liverpool’s official channel broadcast a 60 second clip stating that Suarez had signed a new deal on Tuesday afternoon. Oddly enough, the clip is cut short before outlining the length of the deal or any contract details and was replaced with a screen apologizing for a “temporary fault” and a “break in transmission”. This wouldn’t be first time the club jumped the gun with an official report of Clint Dempsey’s transfer from Fulham, which has yet to be completed, leaked out before being quickly disowned by both clubs. Rumor has it that Juventus has been sniffing around and looking to tempt the striker with a one way trip to Turin. Whether or not this latest gaffe by the club means we have nothing to worry about and Luis is down for the long haul remains to be seen. At the time of writing, the report has been removed from the official site and no mention is made of talks with Suarez.

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