Jurgen Klopp Explains His Dislike For Wearing Suits To Games

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp should have plenty to say given that his team are getting closer to securing their first-ever Premier League title with every passing game.

The outspoken German is one of the more popular coaches in football thanks to his eccentric touchline antics, his cool quotes and, of course, his tactical acumen. One thing he isn’t known for, though, is his love of classy suits. Turns out he does not even like them (at least not during football) and can’t be bothered to pick out a suit before every game.

Klopp is partial to tracksuits as it makes things a lot easier for him, sort of in the way Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg sticks to grey shirts and jeans.

Sky Sports News‘ Vinny O’Connor recently sat down for a bit of an informal chat with the successful coach, who explained why he isn’t very fond of the traditional, classy ensemble.

“I don’t like it,” he declared. “I like wearing a suit in the right moment, and this shouldn’t be understood as disrespectful as I know especially in England a lot of people wear suits because it is a special day, all that stuff. But for me I have no space, no resources to think about what I wear before a game. I’m just not like this. I pretty much fall into a game with other things to do.

“So if somebody tells me: ‘Now you have to fix the tie and stuff like that,’ that just doesn’t work for me. I tried it, not with a suit, but a more casual look when I came to Dortmund. In the first few weeks I wore jeans I think, and a black shirt or something like that, and then I just forgot it, and then I wore only a tracksuit. And that’s because the club delivers the tracksuit and it’s already in the dressing room, so that helps massively. That’s the main reason.”

Fortunately for Klopp, a manager’s style of dress has very little bearing on results. At the time of writing, the Reds had only dropped two points after playing 22 games and held a 13-point lead at the top of the Premier League table, en route to what could easily turn out to be an “Invincible” campaign.

They’re currently 1/66 to win the league title with Bet365 while Betfair are posting 20/1 odds on them winning the league, Champions League and FA Cup.

There are a host of other outright odds on offer where Klopp’s men are concerned, with all the best UK online bookmakers are just one click away. Betfair are also handing out 500/1 odds on a quadruple-winning season for the Anfield side and you could also grab a 325/1 deal on them winning the Champions League, EFL Cup, and FA Cup if you reckon Manchester City might somehow pip them to Premier League triumph at the end of the term.

The bookies could make things a lot more interesting by handing out odds on the possibility of the former Borussia Dortmund manager wearing a suit before the end of the season. We imagine there are at least a few fans who would go for that.

Meanwhile, it’s been reported that the gaffer could be handed £170million to improve his squad at the end of the season – as if he doesn’t already coach the most potent side in Europe.

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